GDPR, are you / your landlords compliant?

Having been in force for nearly 18 months now, you’re no doubt already familiar with the ins and outs of GDPR.

There is however, still a lot of confusion surrounding GDPR and how it applies to landlords. Have you advised your landlords that they are responsible for complying with the new rules and regulations?

Why does GDPR apply to landlords?

The data landlords hold on their tenants is incredibly personal and they therefore have a responsibility to handle this information in an appropriate and lawful manner.

Under GDPR, tenants have more control over the data you and your landlords hold on them. If at any point a tenant asks for copies of the data you hold on them or requests for it to be deleted, you’re obliged to action this request immediately.

How do landlords comply with GDPR?

If they haven’t already, you advise your landlords to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). They can do this on their website which also answers common questions about GDPR and compliance.

Landlords also need to update their processes, tenancy forms and privacy policies. A landlord privacy policy is an important document which should be given to all new tenants and displayed online if applicable. It should include information about how and why landlords collect and store tenants’ data and reassure them of its safety.

Paperwork should be kept locked in a cabinet or safe and landlords should know who has access to the key. Digital information should also be kept safe with passwords. Any data which is no longer required, should be deleted / securely destroyed after the appropriate period of time, ensuring you comply with other legislation (i.e. under Right to Rent legislation, you must keep Right to Rent documentation for 12 months after the tenants have vacated).

Everything landlords need to know about registering with the ICO can be found here. If you want to ensure you are compliant, you can find out more information here.

If you’re confused about GDPR and how it applies to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hughes Consultancy Services. We’ll be able to offer the guidance you need and help ensure your processes are compliant.

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