Humans v Technology

Technology has had a dramatic impact on the way modern businesses operate. From gaining access to a bigger and better talent pool thanks to remote working, to using data for improved marketing communications, technology certainly has been great for business.

However, is relying on technology always the best thing for your business? You can’t beat a personal touch when it comes to impressing clients so below we discuss why a human assistant can offer huge benefits.

First impressions count

Whether it’s a friendly face sitting at reception or a welcoming voice at the end of a telephone, there are some things that technology just can’t do. A human assistant can make a new client feel welcome, pass on enquiries and think on their feet in a way that devices simply can’t.

Builds trust

If clients can only communicate with you via their computer, it makes it very difficult to build trust and loyalty. A human assistant is someone you can build a relationship with and come to rely on which is what will keep clients coming back to you time and time again.

People can think outside the box

There’s no doubt that technology can help to improve the everyday running of your business. Computers are programmed to complete set tasks but can’t think outside the box. When it comes to brainstorming and completing creative tasks, you simply can’t compete with a human.

One person can complete multiple tasks

Chances are that you have multiple apps and software programmes to complete various different tasks in your business. One of the greatest things about using a human assistant is their ability to multi-task. Whether you need them to complete admin tasks, check compliance issues, provide extra support on projects or review current processes, that person is always on hand to help.

If you need help meeting the administrative demands of running your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hughes Consultancy Services, we’re always happy to help.

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